Preserving your memories, one recipe at a time

Recipes are more than ingredients and directions. They are the memories you share with family and friends. From Dad’s “famous” chili, Aunty Priya’s delicious lamb biryani, or Grandma’s amazing banana bread recipe. The laughs, the stories, and the nostalgia all rush back with one bite.

At Heirloom, we strive to keep these memories alive by helping you create and share your favorite family recipes. With our collection of customizable cookbooks, you can easily create your own personal heirlooms to share with friends and family or to pass down for future generations to enjoy.

Our founder

Originally from India, Sri grew up in a household that celebrated and savored food. After moving to the U.S., she realized her closest connection to her culture at the time was through the family recipes she cooked for fun. It wasn’t until she had her son 12 years later, that she realized the importance and meaning of family recipes.

With an inherited love of food she learned from her mom and grand mom, Sri wanted to ensure she could pass down the same feelings and family recipes to her own children one day. Upon creating her own family cookbook in 2017, Sri worked with a photographer, editor, designer, printer, and distributor... a process she remembers clearly as being overwhelming, intimidating, and very time consuming. Soon after, she launched Heirloom, a service that helps users bring their recipes to life through a simplified and easy-to-use online process which produces beautiful, personalized cookbooks.

Heirloom was created as a way to celebrate each of your unique family food traditions and recipes. Gather, design, and preserve your own cultural heirlooms to gift and share with others or keep for yourself.

Our printers

Our printer has been carefully vetted to ensure our customers receive professional, quality printing at reasonable prices. They ensure exceptional quality control standards to guarantee each book meets the minimum criteria throughout production in order to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship for short-run prints. Whether you're printing 16 pages or over 500 pages, your heirloom cookbook will be created with the utmost attention to detail.

From Our Creators

I have been loving my work on my cookbook. It has been rewarding and gratifying to think about all the memories that each recipe holds.

Ruth, San Francisco