"Preserving your memories, one recipe at a time"

Design Process

With Heirloom, we want to make self publishing cookbooks easy and accessible.

Here’s an overview of our design process.

  • Start by creating an account on www.heirloomproject.co.
    [Don’t forget to activate the link that’s sent to your email.]
  • Once you login to your account, click on the left side navigation bar to access your recipe box. This is where you will be uploading and storing your recipes.There is no limit on the number of recipes and images are optional.
    [If you would like to customize the categories, email us at hello@myheirloomproject.co]
  • At any point during your recipe uploading process, you can use the cookbook design tool to start designing your cookbook
    [Go here by clicking on My Cookbooks in the left side navigation bar]
  • To design your cookbook, start by giving your book a title, picking a layout and finally an image for your cover. Our design tool will beautifully layout your cookbook so you an review it in the book format.

Once your book is complete with all your desired recipes-

  • Review the content
  • Pay the printer fee for 5 hardbound books
  • Send it off to the printers

and we are done!