"Preserving your memories, one recipe at a time"


Our cookbook layouts were designed specifically with you in mind.Each layout includes a book jacket, table of contents, category pages, photo and note pages and recipe headnotes, titles, ingredient lists and directions. Learn more about our layouts belowand pick the one that feels most personal for your family heirloom.

Layout 1: Traditions

Our Traditions layout is a classic, color-block design with a focus on showcasing your best memories and photos. The split recipe layout features a lead-in headnote allowing you to set the scene with your favorite family story or memory. Recipe titles and ingredient lists are listed parallel to recipe directions allowing readers to easily reference all recipe details on one page. On the adjoining page, larger offset image blocks provide ample focus on the details of your delicious dish.

Throughout Traditions, you’ll find simple color-blocked category pages that easily divide up the sections of your cookbook. Our photo and note pages feature larger offset image blocks allowing you to share your fondest memories or favorite food photos. The accompanying quote block adds the perfect addition of details to highlight your most memorable moments.

Layout 2: Legacy

The Legacy layout is a simple, centered layout meant to bring the main focus of your heirloom book on your favorite family recipes. The split layout features your recipes titles, headnotes, and an image on one page drawing immediate reader interest and intrigue. Recipe ingredients and instructions are listed on the adjoining page allowing readers to easily reference important recipe details.

As you flip through Legacy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a combination of feature photo pages or split image and quote pages which allow you to further highlight your favorite family moments. Our category pages also feature a split display giving you additional opportunities to highlight more images and memories.

Layout 3: Treasures

Our Treasures layout features simple pops of color, a play on fonts, and multiple opportunities to feature your favorite scrapbook-style photos. Recipes in our Treasures layout provide easy reader reference with all details listed conveniently on one page, with the option to flow into a secondary adjoining page.

Simplified category pages help readers easily navigate between the sections of your heirloom cookbook. In addition, you’ll have the flexibility to choose between a few photo and note pages, giving you ample opportunities to share your most memorable images or quotes from family members.