"Preserving your memories, one recipe at a time"

Product Features

Here’s an overview of the many exciting product features that we’ve built at Heirloom.


Have recipe notes and want a place to write them down before uploading to your recipe box? Use our conveniently designed Notepad.
To get there: Navigation Bar -> Notepad

Recipe Box

Our simple and easy to use Recipe Box is the perfect place to upload your recipes. From custom categories, clean formatting and a share function (so you can send your recipes to friends and family), the Recipe Box can be your gathering place to organize and store your cherished family recipes.
To get there: Navigation Bar -> Recipe Box

Draft Recipes

Not ready to add your recipes to your recipe box yet? No problem, save it under draft recipes and you can access it anytime you’re ready to finish it and move it to the Recipe Box.
To get there: Navigation Bar -> Recipe Box-> Draft Recipes

Archived Recipes

Perhaps you’ve completed a recipe and want to delete it? Move it to the archived recipes section (think of it as trash) and leave it there in case you want to move it back into your recipe box or delete it forever.
To get there: Navigation Bar -> Recipe Box-> Archived Recipes

Share Recipes

We want recipe collection to be a collaborative process. Anytime you want to share a recipes with family or friends, use the share feature at the bottom of the recipe page so send your recipe via email. Anyone with access to the link can see your recipe (and not just members).
To get there: Navigation Bar -> Recipe Box -> Recipe -> Share


We’ve designed three beautiful layouts for you to choose from. From classic to scrapbook style, we have all of your design tastes covered! Look them up on our homepage to see which one suits your style and choose it when creating your cookbook.
To get there: Homepage

Cookbook Editor

Here’s where you can design your very own cookbook! Use this feature to select a select a layout for your book and see what it looks like as a finished PDF.
To get there: Navigation Bar -> My Cookbooks