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Can I create a free account in Heirloom?

Absolutely! You can create a free account on Heirloom for life. We want the service to be accessible to as many families as possible.

How many recipes can I upload in total?

There is no limit to the number of recipes that you can upload. We want you to be able to use Heirloom not just as a place to make your cookbooks but also as a way to gather and store your cherished recipes.

How many recipe categories can I create?

You have the flexibility to create up to eight (8) customized recipe categories.
From the traditional categories like appetizers and entrees to event related categories like Thanksgiving or Fourth of July, you decide. You can even break it up by family member submitted recipes, like “Aunt Jennifer’s Recipes”.

Can someone help me enter all of my family recipes into Heirloom? I have over 100 and it’s so tedious to do them all!

Of course! Entering recipes can be time consuming. Heirloom has an incredible data entry team who know exactly how to use our platform. Email us at hello@heirloomproject.co to be connected to one of these talented folks!

I accidentally deleted a recipe. Is there a way to recover it?

Recipes that are deleted within 30 days can be found in your drafts folder which is located under your tabs section on the left-hand side of your recipe portal.

I’m unable to retrieve my account name and password, can you please help?

Absolutely! You can retrieve forgotten account names or passwords by clicking on “Forgot Login” located on the membership login page or by emailing us directly at hello@heirloomproject.com

How do I add guest contributors to my account?

Heirloom members are the only ones who can add guest contributors.
To add or delete a guest contributor, go to your account page and click on “Guests in my kitchen” located at the bottom of the page. Members will be able to see all existing guest contributors under their account. Add a guest by clicking on the “invite a guest” link and enter in their information. Each guest will receive a separate email prompting them to create their own username and password before they can contribute to your cookbook.
To delete a guest contributor, simply select one or more listed guest contributors and hit remove.

How do I share my recipe drafts with my contributors?

Heirloom members have the option to share each individual recipe with one or multiple guest contributors. The share button is located on the bottom center of your recipe page.

How many layouts can I choose from?

We currently have three recipe layouts to choose from and 4 more coming up soon. Each layout has been designed keeping in mind the overall aesthetics of a cookbook. We have layouts with or without images and with beautiful illustrations by our design partners.

Do I have to use the same layout for all my recipes?

Each cookbook will prompt you to use one layout for each of the recipes within that specific book; however, layouts between your different cookbooks can vary.
Our design team has thoughtfully created each of our layouts to ensure your heirloom cookbook is consistent, well formatted, and aesthetically pleasing. Similar to your favorite cookbook, well designed and consistent layouts create  beautiful heirlooms.

Can I change my cookbook layout at any time?

Yes. Email us at hello@heirloomproject.co to submit your request.

Can I save my recipes to create my own printed recipe book?

Of course! HeirloomOf course! Heirloom has carefully vetted our printing partner to ensure you receive professional, quality printing at a reasonable price. Learn more about our Heirloom printed cookbooks.

Do I have to print a book or can I save it as a PDF?

You can certainly save your book as a PDF and come back anytime to print it.

Are all the layouts printer friendly?

Yes. Each of our beautiful layouts are designed to not only be visually pleasing, but are also preset to the correct printing specs in the instance you choose to print.

What do the printed cookbooks look like?

Each Heirloom book is meant to feel personal, nostalgic, and worth celebrating. Heirloom cookbooks are hardbound and printed on imported paper with matt lamination. The interiors are also printed on high quality matt paper and will maintain their quality and colors for years.

How many copies of a book can I print?

You can print anywhere from one book to an unlimited number! Printing cookbooks can be expensive in smaller quantities.  Bulk discount printing may apply based on quantity - contact us for more printing details.
Our mission is to make sure we make printing accessible for more people. As a result, we don't profit from printing the books.

Can I edit a book once it is sent to the printers?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to make edits once your cookbook has been sent off to the printers. View our tips on how to proof and edit your cookbook.

Do you also offer design services?

Yes, we do! With our design services, we’ve made the cookbook creation even easier and faster. All you have to do is use our recipe template to gather all your recipes, pick a layout of your choice and our talented in-house designers will start designing your book. We can also customize your cover with different colors and designs (additional design fees will apply).

How much does each cookbook cost?

We have three different pricing options for our cookbooks *

  • $300 for 3 cookbooks
  • $250 for 2 cookbooks
  • $150 for a single cookbook
    (includes tax & shipping)

*If using our full service design services, an additional fee of $50 will apply

What if my book comes in a damaged condition?

We want Heirloom to stand for high quality in both design and the actual cookbooks. Email us at hello@heirloomproject.co and we will make sure that we rectify the issue by sending you a new copy. 

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